anynines Deployment

You now have the amazing ability to deploy directly to anynines after a successful build on Travis CI

Getting on the Edge #

Proper anynines support is currently included only in the edge version of Travis. See how to enable it via the .travis.yml below.

The Easy Way #

Go Grab the Travis gem from GitHub and run this command:

travis setup anynines

You will be asked to answer a few simple questions about your anynines setup and Travis will take care of the rest!

Open up your newly created .travis.yml and add edge: true to enable the deploy tool. See yml below for an example of how to do this.

The Slightly Harder Way #

So you want to write your own .travis.yml, fine. Here is the minimum required to get up and running

   edge: true
   provider: anynines
   password: secretpassword
   organization: myorganization
   space: staging
   app_name: My app name                # (optional)

Make sure that you encrypt your password before pushing your updated .travis.yml to GitHub.

This can be easily accomplished using the Travis gem above and running:

travis encrypt --add deploy.password

Conditional releases #

You can deploy only when certain conditions are met. See Conditional Releases with on:.