Launchpad deployment

Travis CI can get Launchpad to automatically import your code from GitHub after a successful build, which is useful if you are building and hosting Debian packages.

To automatically trigger an import:

  1. Register a project on Launchpad and then import your GitHub project there.
  2. Generate an API access token that we can use to trigger a new code import. Please make sure that the oauth_consumer_key is set to Travis Deploy.
  3. Add the following to your .travis.yml
  provider: launchpad
  oauth_token: "YOUR OAUTH_TOKEN"
  oauth_token_secret: "YOUR OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET"

It is recommended to encrypt both your oauth_token and your oauth_token_secret.

The slug contains user or team name, project name, and branch name, and is formatted like ~user-name/project-name/branch-name. If your project’s code is a git repository, the form is ~user-name/project-name/+git/repository-name. You can find your project’s slug in the header (and the url) of its page.

Launchpad slug

Encrypting your OAUTH tokens #

It is recommended that you encrypt both OAUTH tokens using the Travis CI command line client by removing them from your travis.yml above and running the following commands:

$ travis encrypt "YOUR OAUTH_TOKEN" --add deploy.oauth_token
$ travis encrypt "YOUR OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET" --add deploy.oauth_token_secret

The resulting .travis.yml looks like this:

  provider: launchpad
    secure: KmMdcwTWGubXVRu93/lY1NtyHxrjHK4TzCfemgwjsYzPcZuPmEA+pz+umQBN\n1ZhzUHZwDNsDd2VnBgYq27ZdcS2cRvtyI/IFuM/xJoRi0jpdTn/KsXR47zeE\nr2bFxRqrdY0fERVHSMkBiBrN/KV5T70js4Y6FydsWaQgXCg+WEU=
    secure: jAglFtDjncy4E3upL/RF0ZOcmJ2UMrqHFCLQwU8PBdurhTMBeTw+IO6cXx5z\nU5zqvPYo/ghZ8mMuUhvHiGDM6m6OlMP7+l10VTxH1CoVew2NcQvRdfK3P+4S\nZJ43Hyh/ZLCjft+JK0tBwoa3VbH2+ZTzkRZQjdg54bE16C7Mf1A=