Xenial Build Containers for Enterprise (beta)

System Setup #

Platform Requirements: To use the Xenial build containers, the Travis CI installation must be at 2.2.6 or higher. Please be sure to upgrade, if needed, before getting started.

Worker Requirements:

We recommend using a machine with 8 vCPUs and 15 GB of memory and at least 40 GB of disk space. If you’re using AWS, that will be their c4.2xlarge instance type. Also, you’ll want to run Ubuntu 16.04 or later. Port 22 must be open for SSH during installation and operation.

Trusty and Xenial build containers must be on different instances. To run both Trusty and Xenial builds, at least two worker instances are required.

Differences from the Trusty Build Environment #

Third party apt-repositories are removed to help reduce risk of unrelated interference and allow for faster apt-get updates.

Services disabled by default to speed up boot time and improve performance.

Installation with Travis CI Enterprise 2.2.6 and later #

On a new server, please run the commands below to install the Xenial build environment:

$ curl -sSL -o /tmp/installer.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/travis-ci/travis-enterprise-worker-installers/master/installer.sh

$ sudo bash /tmp/installer.sh \
--travis_enterprise_host="[travis.yourhost.com]" \
--travis_enterprise_security_token="[RabbitMQ Password/Enterprise Security Token]" \

Restarting travis-worker #

After installation, or when configuration changes are applied to the worker, restart the worker as follows:

$ sudo systemctl restart travis-worker

Worker configuration changes are applied on start.

Running Builds in the Xenial Build Environment #

To run a project’s builds in the new Xenial build environment, please add a dist: xenial to your .travis.yml file.

Contact Enterprise Support #

To get in touch with us, please write a message to enterprise@travis-ci.com. If possible, please include as much of the following as you can:

  • Description of the problem - what are you observing?
  • Which steps did you try already?
  • A support bundle (You can get it from https://<your-travis-ci-enterprise-domain>:8800/support)
  • Log files from all workers (They can be found at /var/log/upstart/travis-worker.log - please include as many as you can retrieve).
  • If a build failed or errored, a text file of the build log

Have you made any customizations to your setup? While we may be able to see some information (such as hostname, IaaS provider, and license expiration), there are many other things we can’t see which could lead to something not working. Therefore , we’d like to ask you to also answer the questions below in your support request (if applicable):

  • How many machines are you using?
  • Do you use configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet)?
  • Which other services do interface with Travis CI Enterprise?
  • Do you use Travis CI Enterprise together with github.com or GitHub Enterprise?
  • If you’re using GitHub Enterprise, which version of it?

We’re looking forward to helping!