Using SourceClear with Travis CI

SourceClear is security for open-source code.

When you add SourceClear to your TravisCI projects you’ll get automated security analysis inside every build. You’ll get complete analysis of your open-source dependencies, including security vulnerabilities, out-of-date libraries, and license reports.

Creating your Authentication Token #

In order to set up the SourceClear agent for Travis-CI, you must be logged into SourceClear, and then perform the following steps:

1. From the left sidebar, select Agents, then New Agent.

2. In the agent setup page, select Travis-CI

3. Select Create Authentication Token, and copy it to your clipboard. You will use this to authenticate with SourceClear during scans.

Setting the Environment Variable #

Setting an environment variable in Travis-CI occurs on a per repository basis:

1. Select the repository you wish to scan from your Travis-CI environment > More Options > Settings

2. On the Environment Variables page, add SRCCLR_API_TOKEN and assign your authentication token to it. Make sure to toggle the button labeled Display value in build log* to the OFF position to ensure your token is kept secret.


Configuring your Travis-CI repository #

In order to scan using SourceClear, add the following to your .travis.yml file:

    srcclr: true

If you want verbose output during the scan, you can add the debug key:

        debug: true

Commit these changes to trigger a build for your repository, and SourceClear will perform a scan, displaying results to your SourceClear environment.

If you wish to add SourceClear scanning to other repositories, simply add the installation and scan code above to whatever .travis.yml files you wish, as well as the SRCCLR_API_TOKEN environment variable and you will be able to perform scans on each new build.